The Advantages of Aastha DRM Reader for iOS

Aastha DRM, founded in 2010, is a small software development company focuses on Digital Rights Management core technology research and development. Aastha DRM provides customers industry leading DRM platform and streaming solutions. Aastha DRM offers content protection and related solutions that enable businesses to maximize the value of their digital content products. Aastha DRM’s services and solutions are deployed by companies in education, training, consumer electronics, software, information publishing and company consulting markets to solve industry-specific challenges.

More Functions

Support search PDF, Catalog browsing, Click to internal links and external links.

More Rights

Support view DRM Right, Dynamic Watermark, Prevent the screenshots.

Aastha DRM v1.0 Support

Reading Aastha DRM v1.0 protected high quality premium content.

Apple’s smartphone market occupies an important shares in the world, especially in Europe and the United States and China’s high-end mobile phone users, and also some of the enterprise users. iOS mobile phones and mobile devices has a huge commercial market. Aastha DRM Aastha DRM v1.0 will bring content providers to further more iOS customers, and to ensure Aastha DRM protected digital content can be securely distributed to the iPhone or iPad. End users can watch the encrypted PDF documents anytime and anywhere.