What is Web Page security?

Many people think web page security is about use SSL certificate to encrypt data transfers. But for web page content security, using SSL is not secure at all. With SSL only between a server and a client data transfer is secure.

There is an only few software provide web page content protection. It’s for protecting web page content to against Piracy or Theft. Because HTML web page is open standard. Users can easily copy, share the content of web page without any limitation. Website master’s competitors can easily copy whole pages’ source code or even download entire website with Download Website software and copy a website. So protect web page security is important for web masters, especially for important web pages, such as members area paid content, company sensitive data, financial report, technical document and so on.

For Web Page Security, it must has following advanced DRM features:

  1. Disable text copy.
  2. Disable view source, Save As page.
  3. Disable debug tools of browsers.
  4. Web page data is encrypted.
  5. Disable print.
  6. Authenticate Users. User needs to login before open the web page.
  7. Limit open count and set expiration date of web page.
  8. Secure all web page resources, like “https://www.aasthadrm.com/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/sitetheme/images, Javascript and CSS”.