Secure Architecture

Persistent Protection

Aastha DRM protects Digital Media Files and Documents with a license key to maintain content protection, even if these files are widely distributed. Each license is uniquely assigned to each computer. This prevents illegal distribution of digital media files and documents.

Strong Encryption

Aastha DRM includes proven encryption schemes that ensure distributed digital content files are not exposed to piracy or other illegal use.

New Security Architecture in Aastha DRM v1.0

Aastha DRM redesigned security architecture for Aastha DRM v1.0 with higher security standards, the encryption method is completely different from Aastha DRM v1.0. With new Xvast Packager, the encryption is more complex and strict than before. Each file’s encryption is different. It makes hacking protected files much harder. You can force customers using the latest version of Xvast browser. It also support safer license revoke. You can revoke the license delivered to users in Aastha DRM v1.0 account.

Dynamic watermark

Aastha DRM provides dynamic watermarking capabilities on protected digital content. A watermark is the text includes username and text messages that are superimposed over the media files and PDF documents. In a rights managed content, the watermark can be applied dynamically as the media file is played in Xvast/HU Player or the document is opened in Aastha DRM PDF Reader. The watermark is not editable by users and is not permanently stored in the media file. With dynamic watermarking technology, user’s piracy behaviour is recorded. Content owners could easily discover who distribute piracy, and prevent further piracy.

Separately Distributed Licenses and Content

Licenses are issued independently of the actual documents and media files, providing maximum flexibility and allowing wide distribution of content. Each time a file is opened, Xvast browser, HU Player or Aastha DRM PDF Reader checks to see if the consumer’s computer has a license. Consumers who do not have a valid license are directed to a license registration page.

Hardware Authentication

Aastha DRM identifies each computer or device by Hardware ID. With this feature computers can be identified and disabled during the licensing process. End User Authentication combined with Hardware ID feature restricts the end users can only acquire license in customers own computer or device, and prevent password share.